Alex Seifert Music


Born in Colorado, USA, Alex started drumming and playing bass as a teenager and never stopped. He taught himself both instruments after being heavily influenced and motivated by multiple rock, metal and nu-metal bands such as Korn, Slipknot, Rammstein, Tool, Muse and many others.

His first band experience was a small garage band consisting of his closest friends who attempted to sing as well as play guitar and bass while Alex struggled to keep a simple beat on the drums. The band tried to cover their favorite songs, but it was mostly futile.

That was, of course, only the beginning. Throughout the years, Alex has played both drums and bass in several different bands which have all been on the stage and a few in the studio. He has recorded multiple albums both on drums and bass either with his bands or for his own personal project.

Roughly ten years ago, he moved to Germany where he became the drummer of another cover band. This eventually diverged into a second band called Spectre for which Alex is still drumming. With Spectre, he has recorded as well as produced two studio albums and has played several different gigs.

Alex was also a member of the Munich-based metalcore band, Future Sequence, where he played bass both on the stage in multiple cities around Germany as well as in the studio.

Music has always been Alex's passion. Much to the annoyance of his neighbors, he plays drums whenever possible and practices bass most evenings. He spends more time than he should watching other drummers and bass players on the internet or working on his personal music projects.

More About Alex

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