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The Tower Room
7 March 2015

The Pantry
5 March 2014

Family Mausoleum
2 February 2012

The Attic: Greatest Hits
24 June 2011

The Kitchen Vol. 1
25 February 2009

The Kitchen Vol. 2
25 February 2009

The Living Room
4 May 2008

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Kid's Room
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Under the Bed
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Strange, Dead Memories
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What's Mine
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The Goth
20 November 2005

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A Trek through the Woods
12 January 2005


The New Government (by Xynx)
12 January 2005


Alex Seifert is one of those names in music which is truly unique. Within his repertoire of music are to be found pieces which blend elements of the best of electronic music with the power of rock music. It is distinctive and immediately recognizable as his work.

Creeping Darkness

Seifert has been a member of the German rock band, Creeping Darkness, since 2012. Originally starting as the band’s drummer, he has developed into their primary composer with the band incorporating many of his songs into their live shows.

The Beginnings

Seifert began creating music as a hobby in 2003. He began with a simple computer program which allowed him to create pieces with short, pre-recorded samples. After learning the basics of music composition, he began employing more powerful tools such as Reason, ProTools and Logic Pro which allowed him to compose far more complex and artistic pieces. Of course not all of these tools were software-based. Seifert also plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, all of which he uses to create his unique sound.

Asson and Those Guys Again

In 2006, Seifert began his first rock projects. He was a founding member of the rock band Those Guys Again where he contributed as the band's drummer and he played a key role in songwriting. At the same time, he began his own side project which focused on nothing but rock music. This project was called Asson. He wrote and recorded all of Asson's songs himself, playing every instrument.


The next project Seifert would embark on was called Xynx. Together with a friend of his, they created a new sound for the electronic dance scene which combined Seifert's experience in electronic and rock music with his friend's experience in club music. Xynx had only a single release called The New Government, but it was generally well-received.

Other Activities

Aside from just music, Seifert is also interested in many other activities. He actively writes historical articles for his blog History Rhymes, he does freelance web development on the side and he enjoys writing short works of fiction. When he is not at his computer or creating music, he is outdoors enjoying nature, hiking, camping, off-roading, mountain biking or simply relaxing. He is also a prolific reader and has collected an immense personal library of fiction and non-fiction books.

The Music

Since the beginning, Seifert has created well over three hundred pieces of music and a total of fifteen albums. His music will take you through a world which is both dark and gloomy while occasionally being happy and upbeat. He continues to actively compose new music with which he pushes the boundaries of what has come before him. The music is what he lives for and it is the music which makes life for him.


Can I use Alex's music for my project?

It depends on the project. If it is a personal video, you may use his music as long as you give him full credit. The name of the song, "Alex Seifert" and "" must be clearly displayed somewhere in the video (at the beginning, at the end, in the credits, etc). Simply giving credit to Alex in the comments is not enough, it must be in the video somewhere. As long as the above criteria are met, you may freely publish it or distribute it.

If your project is a public event, please see "Can I play Alex's music in public such as in a club or at a public event?" below.

If your project is a commercial project, please contact Alex Seifert at

If you have any other questions or would like to use Alex's music for a project other than what is specified here, please contact Alex Seifert at with information about your project and any questions you have.

Can I play Alex's music in public such as in a club or at a public event?

Yes, you may, but before you do, please send an e-mail to Alex Seifert at with information about the event, club, etc. This is just for our records. If you include a logo, a link to your website, information about the event, etc, we will also make an announcement about the event on our website as well.

It would also be helpful (although not required) if you could somehow display the name of the song(s), "Alex Seifert" and/or "" where any listeners could see it.

Where can I download Alex's music?

You can download Alex's music by selecting an online store such as the iTunes Music Store or Amazon from the Shop.

What if an album I would like to buy is not in the Shop?

We are working hard to make all of Alex's albums available through online stores such as the iTunes Music Store and Amazon, but unfortunately that takes time. All of Alex's albums will eventually be available through these stores. In the meantime, if there is an album you cannot purchase, but would like to, please send an e-mail to with the name of the album you would like to buy and we will contact you with more details.

Can Alex make custom music for my project?

It depends on the project, but it is very likely. This would be considered contract work. Please contact Alex Seifert at with information about the project to discuss details.

I am also a musician. Will Alex do a collaboration project with me?

Probably. Contact Alex Seifert at with information about the project to discuss a potential collaboration.

What kind of equipment does Alex use?

Alex uses a variety of equipment. We will begin with the hardware:

Apple MacBook Pro
M-Audio 22-key midi keyboard
Epiphone electric guitar
Ibanez 5-String bass
Tama StarClassic drums: 8", 10", 12" and 14" rack toms; 16" and 18" floor toms, 22" bass drum with double bass drum pedal, 14" snare
Sabian B8 Pro Cymbals: 14" hi-hats, 2x 16" and 18" crash
Zildjian Cymbals: 22" ride, 18" china, 14" trashy FX
Wuhan Splash Cymbals: 8", 10" and 12"
Evans G2 and G2 clear drumheads

And now the software:

Propellerhead Reason
Apple Logic Pro

How can I contact Alex?

You can contact Alex through his manager, Alex Seifert, at

What if my question is not answered here?

Please contact Alex Seifert at with your question and he will try to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.