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“The Pantry” is officially released!

The Pantry

The Pantry

Alex’s new album, “The Pantry”, has officially been released today! The full album is available to stream for free on the music page and has been available on Spotify for a couple of weeks. You may already download the album from the iTunes Music Store and it should also be available on Amazon and in other stores within the next couple of weeks. Check back here or in the shop for updates!

  United States – $3.99
  United Kingdom – £2.49
  Germany – 2,99 €
  France – 2,99 €
  Japan – ¥600

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Release date for The Pantry

I am happy to announce that, after much work, the final release date for “The Pantry” is March 5, 2014.

It should be in online shops shortly thereafter. I will let everyone know here when and where it is available, so check back soon!

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Sneak Peak of “The Pantry” on Spotify

To celebrate the release of my first new album in two years, you can now listen to The Pantry on Spotify. Yes, before its official release and even before the release date is announced! To make it even easier, I’ve embedded it below. Of course, you can also open it in your normal Spotify player by clicking here.

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Album artwork for The Pantry

The album artwork for “The Pantry” is finally complete!

The Pantry

The Pantry

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New Album: The Pantry

The time has finally come to announce the release of my next album: “The Pantry”! It has been a long time in coming, but I promise it will be worth the wait! The artwork is still on its way, but the tracklisting will be as follows:

1. The Pantry
2. Dumme Welt
3. Inscriptions
4. Afraid of the Dark
5. Phantoms
6. Charles
7. Behind the Door
8. Stone Coffin
9. Nonsense (Bullshit)
10. Dutch Lemurs Under the Sea
11. Charles – Drums Only

There isn’t a set release date yet, but that will come soon. Check back here for more updates as they become available!

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Inscriptions on SoundCloud

Inscriptions has now been released on SoundCloud. Click below to listen to the full length song!

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Inscriptions Now on the iTunes Store



Inscriptions is now available in the iTunes Store! Please select your country below to view the single in the iTunes Store:

  United States – $0.99
  United Kingdom – £0.79
  Germany – 0,99 €
  France – 0,99 €
  Japan – ¥200

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New Single: Inscriptions



My new single, “Inscriptions”, has now been released! It will be available for purchase soon on the iTunes Store, Amazon, Spotify, etc soon. In the meantime, you can listen to it for free on the music page.

“Inscriptions” is the first single from my new album. The album is still underway, but is in the final stages of production so will hopefully be finished by early 2014. Check back here for updates!

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Songs on SoundCloud and New Album Preview

I am pleased to announce that several of Alex’s songs are now available on SoundCloud to listen to free of charge. Alex chose the songs personally to upload and many of them are ones he really likes from his older albums. To have a listen, either click on the SoundCloud button at the top or you can click on this link.

To celebrate this and the progress of the new album, we have decided to release one of the new songs from the new, as of yet unnamed album on SoundCloud. The song is called “Dumme Welt” which, translated, means “Dumb World”. Have a listen!

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Not much has been heard from me in the past few months because I have been tremendously busy with other things and have had to essentially take an unwanted hiatus. In what little free time I’ve had though, I have begun progress with the next album. Four songs are already completed or mostly completed and another couple are in the process of being finished. I’m very excited about how these are turning out. Beginning in about another month or so, I should have much more time available to devote to it and plan to make more headway with it.

I will post the latest news here!

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